Established October, 1994

TAIDOB College, formerly TAIDOB High School, came into existence in October, 1994. The establishment of TAIDOB College MARKED the conjunction of an “opportunity”. The need viz-a-viz vision is to contribute to the improvement of academic standards and National building through provision of educational services to all races and tribes of the world irrespective of religion, sex, social background and the likes.

This opportunity came when Dr Abayomi Oluwatosin Jiboku, a seasoned educationist cum administrator through strong impetus occasioned by vision, established the College with a view to making the College a model.
The College was formerly located at Obantoko in a rented storey building but later relocated to its now permanent site at Phase II, Asero Housing Estate, Asero, and Abeokuta. The School is prestigiously situated in a serene, spacious, conducive and learning friendly environment of 12 Acres of land with adequate provision of modern infrastructures and crops of committed, competent, qualified and highly experienced tutors.

It is worthy of note that the College took off in 1994 with four students including the first son of the School Proprietor, Mr. Idowu Jiboku. The College has proudly produced hundreds of outstanding students who have exceedingly excelled in their various chosen fields. More importantly, the College marked its 20th Anniversary of existence in October, 2014.

The School was established principally to:

  • Provide excellent educational services to all races irrespective of sex, religion, tribe or social status.Instil and sustain high moral standard in the students through emphasis on the teaching of religious education.
  • Equip the students with necessary intellectual skills for clear rational and logical thinking and expression
  • Make the school a model through attainment of academic standard of international repute.
  • Encourage physical and health education aimed at producing talents in sports and games locally, nationally and Internationally.
  • Provide effective and virile guidance and counselling services with a view of producing a total person out of the prospective students.
  • Create an opportunity, through participation in co-curricular activities, for interaction among mates and thus show an awareness and commitment to interdependence through group and team experience
  • Instil in the student the attitude of tolerance and respect for other peoples’ views and cultures.


  • We believe in pioneering education that will enhance dissemination of effective and functional knowledge in an absolute academic friendly environment.
  • Also in total education that includes bringing and nurturing academic and moral disciplines out of every individual for a manifestation of outstanding leadership qualities nationally and internationally.


  • To educate Nigerian children irrespective of their sex, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.
  • To acquire intellectual skills for clear thinking and expression.
  • To train students to be tolerant and respect other peoples’ points of views and cultures.
  • To encourage Physical and Health Education.
  • To encourage leadership qualities.